Grandmas and grandpas are the greatest-ask any kid!        
We at PEHS love it when our animals go to homes where they bring joy to more than one generation,
so we have created a program to help get animals into grandma’s (and grandpa’s) house.

It’s called “Pet Lover Adoptions for Seniors”:
Any approved adopter over the age of 55 is eligible to receive a discount of 50%  on the stated adoption fee for any cat over the age of 1 year or any dog over the age of 5 years.

(The animal must live with the senior adopter-sorry, gifts don’t count.)

But you don’t have to have grandkids to love a pet.
We want to increase our adoptions to all senior citizens no matter how big their family!

Prairie’s Edge Humane Society is filled with cats
and dogs who would love to be part of your family-
call us or stop in and meet them.