Donations of Items and Food to the Shelter

Thank you to everyone who has brought us donations of items and food for the animals over the years, we have some of the best supporters and you have helped us tremendously!  With our move to a new facility, some new policies have also been put into place in regards to the types of items we can now accept.

We can no longer accept opened bags or open containers of food donations.  All donations of food must be in the original bag or can and unopened.  This is for various reasons.  We feed only Science Diet products to our shelter animals as we are on a program with Hill’s for a discounted cost on food for the shelter animals, they also donate sample bags to send home with adopters each time an animal is adopted.  This is a wonderful program that we participate in as it also allows us to keep the animals on a consistent, healthy diet without constantly switching the type of food they are eating. Hills also provides staff training in healthy feeding as well as marketing tools and other feeding supplies for use at the shelter.   Keeping numerous bags and cans of opened food requires a large space to store it in which we do not have and can also attract bugs and other rodents.  Occasionally we do need other brands or prescription foods for the care of a specific animal so we do accept donations of unopened food bags or cans which we keep on hand for those specific cases or for use in dog training sessions, etc.  We appreciate our supporters wanting to donate food items.  If you have an opened container of pet food that you no longer need, please check with the local food shelf and see if they are able to take it or know of a home in need of a donation of pet food.

If you are donating items such as litter boxes or kennels, please clean and sanitize them prior to bringing them to the shelter, this is very important, as we do not want to bring in any diseases or germs to our healthy animals at the shelter!  We work very hard to keep the shelter sanitized and the animals we care for healthy.  When we house this many animals, diseases can spread very quickly so we are very careful as to what is brought into our facility.  When deciding to donate used pet items to the shelter such as litter boxes, kennels, brushes, food dishes, toys, etc. we ask that you please keep in mind that if it is not clean enough or in good enough shape that you would want it in your own home for your own pet, it should not be brought to the shelter to be used for the shelter animals either.  We treat our shelter animals as if they were living in our homes and use only items that are clean and in good condition as they deserve nothing less!  That being said, we can always use new smaller sized litter boxes and cat toys at the shelter.  We do not currently need any enclosed litter boxes, as we have a large supply and they do not fit in the cat kennels so we do not use them very often.

Since we are no longer housing dogs at the shelter (they have all been moved into foster homes) we no longer have a large need for used blankets and sheets.  We do however still have a large need for bath towels, smaller hand towels and wash clothes.  We go through many towels and wash clothes each day with our cleaning as well as using them in the bottom of the cat kennels and during surgery.  If you have used towels or wash clothes you would like to donate, please wash them prior to donating them.  We currently are in short supply of bath towels at the shelter and could use more at this time.

We do like new fleece blankets which can be sent home with adopters or foster homes for the dogs.

We can always use donations of cleaning supplies such as bleach, laundry detergent, dish soap and scrubbing sponges.

We use a large amount of hand sanitizer in the large bottles.  Please only unopened and large bottles, no small bottles.

We currently do not need any shredded paper, we are stocked up right now and currently do not have any animals that are in need of shredded paper at the shelter.  When we are in need of more we will post on our website or our facebook page.

We no longer use newspapers at the shelter so we are no longer in need of any donations of newspapers.

We no longer have space to store crushed aluminum cans.  If you have cans to donate, please take them to the aluminum recycling facility where they will give you a check for them.  You can have them make the check payable to Prairie’s Edge Humane Society if you would like to donate the funds to us.

We can always use gift cards from Menard’s, Kmart, Target, Cub Foods or Econofoods in Northfield to purchase supplies for the shelter.

As always monetary donations are always needed, especially now with our remodeling expenses.  Besides the daily cost to care for the animals we also have monthly expenses such as utilities, garbage, insurance, medical supplies, etc.

If you have an item you would like to donate but are unsure if it is something we can use, please feel free to contact us at 507-664-1035.

Thank you to all of our supporters and volunteers!  We could not care for the number of animals that we do on a regular basis without all of you!  

Annual Dog Swim at the Northfield Public Swimming Pool!

7th Annual Doggy Dip at the Northfield Public Swimming Pool!  Monday and Tuesday, September 8th and 9th, 3:30-6:00 PM. Don’t miss this fun event with your dog!

295Prairie’s Edge Humane Society and the City of Northfield invite Prairie’s Edge Humane Society and the City of Northfield invite your dog/dogs for a swim at the Old Memorial Park Public Swimming Pool, 801 7th Street in Northfield.  **All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and friendly towards other dogs and people!**

Cost $4.50 for the 1st dog and $3 for each additional dog you bring to the pool.

Since the chemicals will be removed from the pool for the dog swim, humans will not be allowed to swim in the pool.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes welcome! The large pool as well as the smaller wading pool will both be open for the dogs to enjoy!  The entire pool area is fenced so your dog can safely play off leash!  Please remember to clean up after your dog!

Canine Design will be on hand if your dog needs a nail trim for only $5.00 with all proceeds benefitting the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society!

Prairie’s Edge Humane Society will be offering Microchip certificates for only $15.00!  (Price includes first year registration.  You will be asked to make an appointment to bring your pet to the PEHS facility in Northfield at a later date for the microchip insertion, microchips will not be inserted on the days of the dog swim.)

There will also be a raffle opportunity with proceeds benefitting the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society!   Don’t miss out on all of the fun!






Dog Wash, Nail Trimming and Adoption Event! Saturday, August 16th

Don’t miss the dog wash and adoption event this weekend! Chuck and Don’s in Northfield, Saturday, August 16th noon-3:00 pm dog wash only $5 and nail trims for only $5, all proceeds benefit the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society. Come meet our dogs available for adoption!

Kennel Attendant Needed

Part time cat kennel attendant position available immediately.  Approximately 15 hrs. per week, mornings. Weekends included. Please contact Kathy at 507-664-1035 or

Our Phones are Currently Not Working

We seem to be experiencing phone problems this morning.  We have reported it and they are working on it.  We will let you know when the phones are back up!  For those of you that have sent messages via our website or facebook page, we are still in the process of construction on our new facility and are not open to the public yet. We are working like crazy to get re-opened!  We will post the information when we have a re-opening date.  Thank you for your patience!