We will be closed July 4th-5th

In observance of the 4th of July holiday the shelter will be closed to the public on July 4th and 5th.   Please keep an eye on your pets over the holiday weekend!  The 4th of July holiday can be a very stressful event for many pets, especially dogs.

Fireworks typically only happen once or twice a year so the loud noises and flashes of light can catch your dog off guard and cause anxiety.  Here are a few tips on how to prepare for the evening and help your pet stay calm throughout the festivities.   Always remember a dog’s hearing is far more accute than yours!

DO NOT bring your dog to the firework display areas.  Animals may become frightened and nervous.  In addition to the main display other people may have personal fireworks, which are unpredictable and unsafe for pets to be around.  Never leave your pet in the car during fireworks; this could be a deadly mistake.

If you live near the location of a fireworks display, leave your pet inside and try playing soft music to help block the sounds of the fireworks and calm your pet. If your pet is particularly fearful of fireworks make every effort to stay inside with them.

Be proactive and exercise your dog before the fireworks commence. A tired dog is less anxious. You can also stuff a Kong or other work-to-eat toy with special treats for your dog to work on during the fireworks, to serve as a “pacifier” and help him associate the scary noises with good things.

If you are staying inside with your pet for the event, try to stay in a familiar environment.  This will help lower stress levels and encourage a night of fun for everyone, including your pet.

Remember never punish your dog during times of stress; it will only make the fear more engrained. It is perfectly acceptable, and advisable, to comfort your dog when he is fearful. Massage him, provide high-value treats often and speak softly to him. This will help him learn that fireworks are safe and predictors of great things!

Have a safe and happy holiday!




Blankets, Quilts, Comforters and Bed Sheets

Since our dogs are now living in foster homes and no longer at the shelter we are currently not in need of a lot of blankets, quilts, comforters or bed sheets to use at the shelter or in the foster homes. We currently have an over abundance of these items for our current needs at the shelter and we have been able to furnish our foster homes with actual pet beds for the dogs. We appreciate all of the blankets, quilts, comforters and bed sheets that we have received in the past from our supporters. When we need to replenish our supply we will let everyone know! There are many other great non-profit organizations in the community who can probably benefit from donations of these items so please consider donating to them as well! Thank you!

We’re Moving to a New Location!

images[4] We are very happy to share some exciting news in regards to the future of the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society. We will be moving the shelter from our current location in Faribault to a new facility in Northfield. We have secured a site in Northfield at 680 Professional Drive. This move will allow us to serve the animals in a much more efficient manner and in an updated facility. Our facility in Faribault has served us well for many years however it is in need of major repairs and updating and is very energy inefficient. After much research and discussions the opportunity to move to a more efficient building in Northfield presented itself and it was decided that our funds could be better put to use for the animals in a different facility.

We are very excited to be making this move. We have sold our current facility. There is some remodeling of the new site which will need to be done prior to moving the animals. The move will be done in stages. We will have an office in the Northfield facility within a few weeks. We are tentatively planning to have the animals available for adoption moved to Northfield by the end of June. Our medical and surgery area will be the last portion of the move. We hope to have all in place at the new facility by the end of the summer.

As you can imagine it will be a large undertaking to move equipment, supplies and the animals from our current site. We are planning to use as much of our current equipment as possible. Anything we can move and use in the new facility we will. When we are ready to move the bulk of the items we may be looking for some volunteers to help. We will also be looking for some volunteers to help with the remodel at the new location, such as with painting. Once we know exactly what we will need for help we will put the word out.

So that we can begin to prepare equipment, supplies and the animals for the move we will be temporarily changing our hours in our Faribault location that we are open to the public to Tuesday and Thursday, 1-6 pm and Saturday, noon-5 pm. These new hours will be in effect beginning with the week of May 19th. Cat adoptions will be processed on these days. Our available dogs are now in foster homes, dog adoptions will be processed on an appointment basis either during business hours or outside of business hours (flexible hours) so if you are interested in a dog you may call the shelter to make arrangements to meet the dog. We will either have you meet at the foster home or have the dog brought to the shelter for you. As always you can see all of our available animals on our website.

Please visit our website for information in regards to surrendering an animal. Until we get moved we may need to handle some surrenders a little differently, but we will post information on our website and will help you however we can.

As we mentioned this is a very exciting time for Prairie’s Edge and the animals we help. Although we are beginning a new chapter, our mission and our commitment to help the homeless animals of our community and surrounding communities has not changed, we will just be doing it in a more efficient manner and updated location. Thank you to our supporters, volunteers and fosters, without your help we could not help as many animals as we continually do. We will keep everyone updated on our progress with our move and will post photos of the remodeling progress on our facebook page!

Bridgewater School 3rd Graders Visit Shelter!

025We were thrilled to have the 3rd grade classes from Bridgewater Elementary School in Northfield visit us again this year. Four classes made the trip to the shelter on Tuesday, May 13th to visit the animals they have been following in their various classes.

The students use the shelter as a project each year, checking our website to monitor the available animals and keep a graph of the number of days the animals are at the shelter.

In conjunction with this class project they hold a garage sale to raise funds for the animals at the shelter. Over the years they have raised $1000’s of dollars for the animals at PEHS. This year’s garage sale will be held on Friday, May 23rd, 10 am – 2:30 pm in rooms 109, 110, 111 and 112 at Bridgewater Elementary School in Northfield. Items are priced from $0.25-$10.00. They will also have raffle tickets for 4 different items on sale for $1 each.

The garage sale is open to the public and you can help these students with their project by attending their garage sale on Friday, May 23rd at Bridgewater Elementary School.

They even create adoption posters for each animal which are displayed throughout the school on the day of the garage sale. The students do the work of organizing sale items, waiting on customers and keeping track of sales.

We are so impressed each year with the knowledge of the animals when they come to visit the shelter.

This is such a great project and we are so excited to be a part of it each year. We are so grateful that Bridgewater Elementary School is teaching students to be caring citizen’s and we are very proud of these young people for working to better their community by supporting the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society and our programs. We have so much fun when they visit us as well!

You can see all of the photos from their visit to the shelter by clicking on the above photo!

Now Accepting Items for Garage Sale!


Prairie’s Edge Humane Society will once again be holding a garage sale in conjunction with the Goods for Good City wide garage sales in Northfield on Friday and Saturday, May 16th-17th. Our sale will be held at 1500 Clinton Lane, Suite J, Northfield, MN 55057.

We are in need of items for our garage sale!

Donations of items for the garage sale will be accepted at the garage sale site in Northfield during the following dates and times:

Fri. May 2nd, 3-5 pm
Sat. May 3rd, 11 am – 2 pm
Mon. May 5th, 3-5 pm
Wed. May 7th, 4-6 pm
Fri. May 9th, 3-5 pm
Sat. May 10th, 2-4 pm
Mon. May 12th, 3-5 pm
Wed. May 14th, 4-6 pm

Please deliver items to the Northfield location. (Smaller items may be delivered to the shelter building in Faribault during regular business hours if you are unable to deliver them to the Northfield location, however we would prefer all items be delivered to Northfield if at all possible)

Items NOT ACCEPTED: Electrical items such as computers and computer components, printers, copiers, dvd and vcr players, tvs, microwaves, exercise equipment, large appliances, lawn mowers and snowblowers, car seats, musical instruments, blinds and curtains, bedding or mattressses. No clothes or shoes.

ONLY SMALL CLEAN, USABLE kitchen appliances such as toasters, blenders, coffee makers will be accepted. Any other household items in good condition are acceptable as well such as dishware, cookwear, books, dvds, artwork, pet items, childrens toys, etc.

Please do not bring dirty or broken items.  Clean items in good repair ONLY.

No furniture without prior approval.  Some furniture items will be accepted, please call Kathy at 507-334-7117 to discuss.