We are in need of more foster homes before our move!

If all goes as planned, Prairie’s Edge Humane Society will move out of the Faribault office at 1201 Cannon Circle next week and into the new Northfield office at 680 Professional Drive soon after.

But there is one thing slowing down the process. We would like all of the dogs housed in Faribault to go into foster homes so the move isn’t overly stressful for them.

We have three dogs who are still in need of a foster home − Sooner, Khloe and Annika − need a place to live until PEHS can find permanent homes for them. You can read about each of the dogs ready for adoption by clicking on the “Pets available for adoption” tab.

All food is provided by PEHS during the duration of the stay in foster homes, as are checkups and shots, etc.

We’re really looking to have them in foster homes by next week as we will close on the sale of our building in Faribault the following week.  We have placed most of the dogs already, we just have these three who are still in need of foster homes.  Annika and Khloe are available for adoption and are currently at the shelter.  Sooner is in a temporary foster home while she gets some medical attention and can stay there until we find a new foster for her.

The decision to move wasn’t easy for the PEHS but given the choice of making major repairs to the current facility at 1201 Cannon Circle in Faribault or making a move, there was really only one right decision.  The move will allow us to serve the animals in a much more efficient manner and in an updated, healthier facility for the animals.

If you would like to be a foster home for dogs please contact


Adoption Event Saturday, July 12th Chuck & Don’s in Northfield




Come out to our adoption event at Chuck and Don’s in Northfield on Saturday from 11 am – 1 pm and you may just meet your new best friend!

Poco, Scooter and Idgie will all be on hand and are all dogs that are available for adoption!



You can also bring your dog out for a nail trim! Canine Design will be on hand offering nail trims for only $5 with all proceeds benefitting the animals at PEHS!



Moving Update!

Work has continued on our new facility in Northfield thanks to some amazing volunteers!  The sheet rock and taping should be finished up (or close to it) this week and then we will be ready to paint next week!  If you are interested in helping us paint please contact for more info.  Once we get the painting finished in the new Cat Colony we can begin moving animals! There will still be work to be done in our surgery, exam and storage area but that can happen even after we have the main adoption floor space and the cat colony ready to go.  Our priority is to get the animals moved so they can enjoy a new, updated facility! During this move we have had to cut back on some of our outreach programs for a few months and we appreciate your understanding during this time.  Once we are moved we will gear up in a bigger and better way than ever with these programs!  We are so excited for the animals to be in a new facility and that we will be providing a service that is not currently being offered in that area.  Our facility in Faribault has served us well for many years and thousands of animals have been helped through that facility, unfortunately it is old and outdated and very inefficient.  The cost to revamp it would not be money well spent as there are many things that would need to be changed, fixed and updated in order to continue to house animals there.  We also no longer need the dog kennel space as our dogs are now living in foster homes and all are thriving since we have changed our policy on housing dogs.  The facility we will be moving into in Northfield will also allow us to have a much larger area for our cats available for adoption, meaning we can house more cats and our surgery, ISO and exam area will be more efficient and updated.  Our funds will go further and be used in a more efficient way.  Once we are moved we will schedule an open house for everyone to see and tour the animals new space!

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs

During our moving process we will not have any low cost spay/neuter clinics scheduled.  Once we get settled in our new facility in Northfield we will look at scheduling a clinic for outdoor cats.  Until then, you can check with either Kindest Cut at 763-489-7729 or for their program availability.  These are both great organizations with mobile surgery units who provide low cost spay/neuter programs and are occasionally in the surrounding communities. If you are unable to attend one of their clinic days, feel free to still contact us and have us put you on our waiting list for when we eventually have a clinic scheduled.  Thank you!

We will be closed July 4th-5th

In observance of the 4th of July holiday the shelter will be closed to the public on July 4th and 5th.   Please keep an eye on your pets over the holiday weekend!  The 4th of July holiday can be a very stressful event for many pets, especially dogs.

Fireworks typically only happen once or twice a year so the loud noises and flashes of light can catch your dog off guard and cause anxiety.  Here are a few tips on how to prepare for the evening and help your pet stay calm throughout the festivities.   Always remember a dog’s hearing is far more accute than yours!

DO NOT bring your dog to the firework display areas.  Animals may become frightened and nervous.  In addition to the main display other people may have personal fireworks, which are unpredictable and unsafe for pets to be around.  Never leave your pet in the car during fireworks; this could be a deadly mistake.

If you live near the location of a fireworks display, leave your pet inside and try playing soft music to help block the sounds of the fireworks and calm your pet. If your pet is particularly fearful of fireworks make every effort to stay inside with them.

Be proactive and exercise your dog before the fireworks commence. A tired dog is less anxious. You can also stuff a Kong or other work-to-eat toy with special treats for your dog to work on during the fireworks, to serve as a “pacifier” and help him associate the scary noises with good things.

If you are staying inside with your pet for the event, try to stay in a familiar environment.  This will help lower stress levels and encourage a night of fun for everyone, including your pet.

Remember never punish your dog during times of stress; it will only make the fear more engrained. It is perfectly acceptable, and advisable, to comfort your dog when he is fearful. Massage him, provide high-value treats often and speak softly to him. This will help him learn that fireworks are safe and predictors of great things!

Have a safe and happy holiday!