If you find a stray or lost animal within City limits, please contact your local law enforcement or animal control officer for instructions.

Northfield Police Non-Emergency Number: (507) 645-4477


If you are surrendering an animal it is very important that you complete the surrender form first.

Please DO NOT bring your pet to the shelter without prior contact with us. To surrender a cat we must have shelter space available, to surrender a dog we must have a foster home available. Contacting us in advance will help us to plan space for your pet and will result in your pet receiving the best possible outcome.

Following this procedure will allow us to help as many animals as possible, which is our mission. We will do our best to take in your pet as quickly as possible. Thank you for understanding!

To begin the Surrender process, please download and fill out the appropriate surrender profile form below. You may fax your surrender form ahead of time to (612) 444-2112 . Or scan and email it to . You will be contacted by the coordinator to setup an appointment to bring it in.

Dog Surrender Profile
Cat Surrender Profile

  • If you are surrendering a dog, you will need to schedule an appointment. All dogs are now housed in foster homes for their benefit instead of kept at the shelter building. We will ask you to hold the dog until we can match it with a foster home.  You may email our foster coordinator at to discuss surrendering a dog.

  • If you are surrendering a cat  you must call ahead and schedule an appointment. If the shelter is full we may ask you to keep the cat until we have space.

If we ask you to hold your pet for a few days until we have a suitable foster home or space at the shelter we can help you with food and supplies in order to do so if it will cause you a financial hardship.

When surrendering your pet you will be asked for a monetary “surrender donation”. This is not a required donation. The suggested surrender donation is $60 for one animal (adjusted for multiple animals). If you are unable to pay the surrender fee, we will still take in your pet, care for it and work our best to find a suitable home for your pet. Your pet will not be turned away due to the inability to make a monetary surrender donation. If you can pay a lessor amount we will gladly accept it or if you find at a later date that you are able to send us a monetary donation of any amount, we will be grateful. The care of your surrendered pet will NOT be affected by your ability to pay a surrender fee. We do not ask for a surrender fee for stray animals who are brought to the shelter.

When surrendering your pet you will be asked a few questions as to the personality of your pet, any issues your pet may have, if your pet has lived with other pets or children, any commands your pet may know, etc., filling out the above surrender form will help this process go much faster and give us the information we will need to provide the best outcome for your pet.  

It is important that you answer the questions honestly as the more information we have on your pet the better outcome your pet will have as far as finding a new home. Please bring any health records you may have in regards to your pet that you are surrendering as well as any favorite toys or items that your pet may like to have at their new home.

If you find a stray or lost animal within City limits, please contact your local law enforcement or animal control officer for instructions.