Thank you to the following for their generous contributions!
November Donations:
In Memory of James Scott by Kathy Vang
In Memory of Gordon Bourne by Irene Bonhus
In Memory of Grace Madson by Kathy Vang
In Memory of Wes Pearson by Kathy Vang

In Memory of Marth Westberg by:
Karen Splett
David & Melanie GOodwyne
Patricia Meisel
Brett and Jacqueling Swartwoudt
Erin Ramsey
Neal and Karin Steffenson
Robert and Patricia BIshop
Dave and Jean Westberg on behalf of their dog Mikko, who visited Martha often
Bruce and Carol Hedblom
Alyce Vranek & Gary Ditlevson
David & Kim Ramsey
Betty Jensen
David and Janet Miller
Richard and Rachel Gabe

In memory of Dorothy Dokmo by Clancy Dokmo and Jane Landsverk

In memory of John ALbers by Connie Alblan, Donald and Joanne Weed, Kimberly VIskosil and other friends and relative

David & Deborah Miller
Inga Johnson-Proceeds from Summer Lemonade Stand
Customers of Echo DVD and Games
Beth Brennan
Derek & Sarah Wolfe
Chuck and Don's Lakeville-Nail Trim Events
Craig Rice
Barbara Cleare
Julianne Scrivener
Glenn & Carolyn Lindroos
Karen Madsen
Diane Smisek
Debra Wisdorf
Brad Bell
Lois Stuedemann
James Stark
Karen Blandin
Nancy Partin
Donna COle
Yvonne Newland
Hilary Ziol

Donations In Kind:
Aquatic Pets-Dog and Cat Food
Chuck and Don's Northfield-Dog and Cat Food and MIscellaneous Supplies
Gail & Tim Halverson-cat scratchers and cat food
Alissa Furry-dog shampoo, clothing and toys
Heidi Mullen- exercise pen, fun feeder
Karen Madsen-cat food
Linzie Francis -cat and dog food and treats
Rachel Porter (Ella's BIrthday party) toys, bowls, towels, litter
Janet McNamara-pet bed and cat food
Charles Swanson-cat food
Mike Kendel-leashes, brushes, collars
Doug Larsen-food and cozies
Jim Garrett-cat food, cat cage, blankets
Madalyn Pryor-cat food, dog chews, cat toys
Bev Sexe-case of canned cat food

Give to the Max Day Sloppy Joe Supper Sponsors:
Northfield Eagles CLub
Cub Foods Northfield
HyVee Faribault
Walmart Faribault
Target Northfield

Give to the Max Day 2017 Donors:
Eleanor Haase
Paula Granquist-for Jean Claude, Sophie & Molly
Robin Nthite
Jason Soltis
Jamie Schlenvogt
Kristin Bell
Connie Bauer
Amy SIlanpa
Deb Diepholz
Emily Holter
Joe Chihade
Alysie Croy
Dawn Wegscheid
Ryan Coleman
Lynn Cox
Paul Zorn
Patricia Lewis-for her beloved cats
Juliana Sayner
Karen Renstrom
Deborah Navarro
Anne Larson
Kerriann Placko
Diane Schrader-for MIdnight, Schatzie, Brodie and Ultron
Kenneth Stassen
Jackie Kline
Kim Rademacher
Gerald Gengenbach
Joan ODell
Hollida Wakefield Underwager in memory of all the cats that have owned me during my life.
Rachel Hintzman in memory of Matthew Hintzman
Dustin Budd in memory of Autumn
Robert Huschle
Elizabeth Brooks in memory of Delia our one eared wonder feline
Anne Waite in memory of Ghandi
Michael Wilkinson
Andrea Dolan for Sawyer
Kathryn Blough
Diane Splettstoesz
Amy Goerwitz-in celebration of the excellent staff and great volunteers at Prairies Edge-thank you for all you do for the animals
Janet Tritch
Lynne Young in gratitude for all our canine companions-Belle, Fitz, Mollie, Spanky and Maxie
Christopher Martinson
Kevin Krein
Patricia Lewis for my beloved cats
Brooke and Eric Anderson in memory of Bailee, Gus, and Daisee
Mike Krance
Sherry Carter
Raelene Ostberg A tribute for the wonderful cats you gave us. They are so wonderful they brighten our lives.
Megan Cooper
Ginger Church
Nan Shumway
Ann Etter
Melody Iszler
Vicki Harper
Paul Raadt
Laura Wolf
Martha Kasper in memory of Sophie and Molly Vesledahl
Elsie Slinger
Katerina Middeldorp
Mary Waldo
Chris Ellison
Claiborne Day
Grace Clark
Shilah Fangman in memory of Fisher
Heaterh Brooks
Joni Becker in memory of Pumkin
Karen Berg
Dorothy Howie
Douglas Machacek
Penelope Hillemann
Carla Benson
Larissa Rippley
Darcie Boschee
Sandy Vesledahl in memory of my beloved Sophie and Molly
Trudi Lloyd  We love our rescue
Brandon Schwen
Cindy Schulz
Michael Kirby
Jean Novotny
Kimberly Donohue
Ann Iijima  The loving tabbies you placed in our home
Lois Stuedemann for Sam and Pepper
Jill Trescott
Douglas Green
Launie Zaffke for Buddy
Nancy Partin
Mary Kay Kuchinka
Anne Vareka
Jean and John Noack in memory of Patricia Skluzacek
Sue Schumann in memory of Scottie
Priscilla Paton
Lisa Thompson
Glee Stark
Julie Hall Hays
Terrill Herbig
Barbara Cleare
Brad Bell
Melissa Schiesser
Coral J. Burgett in memory of Paul Burgett
Diane Felicetta in memory of Quill
Barb Reindal
Craig Feathers
Jeanne Oleson
Charlene & Randy Erickson-Knox in memory of Misty, Sheba, Trouper, and Merra
Sue Holmquist
Kristin Bell
Tere Michels-for Callie Cat
Mark Glor
Elizabeth Wicks
Mary Schwake
Ann Gosack
Robert and Susan Kirchberg
Judith Dirks
N.E. Monroe
Mark and Mary Ziegler
Glee Stark
Danita Ritters
Larry and Dawn Conrad
Kelly Holmberg
Dana Schwartzmann
Paul and Marilyn Weiser
Gary and Bonnie Van Erp
Sara Nielsen
Allison Schmitt
Karen and Bob Loess
Eve Chesivoir
Therese Anderson
Elisabeth Comeaux
Kathy Vang
Terry & Debra Mikulecky

Thanks to our