Thank you to the following for their generous contributions!
In memory of Bill Jennings by David Anderson, Carol Jennings
In memory of Corrine Heiberg by Kathy Vang
In memory of Darlene Canedy by Kathy Vang
In memory of Joyce Letven by: Mark and Debbie Gillen, Chuck & Renee Wescott, Paulette Hursman, Gene & Elaine Lyman, Mary Ann Randall, Stephen & DIane Kump, Dale & Betty Quist
In Memory of Shirley St. Martin by Mary Kaye Schoeneman, Anne Langer, & Dianne Frye
In memory of Sophie Vesledahl by Robert Grimes

Yappy Hour Fundraiser Sponsors:
Imminent Brewing
Trudi Lloyd "Treats by T".

Sponsorship of Bow Wow FIlm Festival:
Faribault Vacuum and Sewing Maching
BIermans Home Furnishings
Chuck and Don's Pet Food Supplies
Tammy Peach Agency
Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic
Andreas & Jamie Dolan
Premier Bank Northfield
Heritage Drive Dental

Canine Design-Nail Trim Event
Ellen & Todd Iverson
Barbara Cleare
Myles Bakke & Ann Iijima
Jeanne Anderson
Laura Hartfiel
Gary and Penny Spillman
Craig Feathers
Kim Brown
Jacquelyn Donner
Donna Carpenter
Melissa Schiesser
Kelly Holmberg
Terrill Herbig
Priscilla Paton
Gloria Reuvers
Madeline and Mary Lambert
ALice Highman
Steven and Carla Thein
Janice TIedey
Isalbel Daly-Sponsorship of Scruffy
Carol Irwin
Kristin Bell
Eric Peterson
Jim & Glee Stark
Charlene Erickson Knox
Diane SMisek
Debra Wisdorf
Patricia FIck
Celeste LaMoss
Lois Stuedeman
Karen Blandin
Steven HEil
Nancy Partin
Donna Cole
Yvonne Newland

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